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A mature eDiscovery and Managed Review company is looking to expand their consulting team. The Forensic Manager is a critical members of the company and will be a trusted advisor to major corporations.

The ideal candidate possesses extensive experience in managing large and complex cases involving data preservation and forensics. You will be providing consultation to clients on the Identification, Preservation and Collection phases of the EDRM model.  You must be considered an expert in data mapping, preserving and analyzing ESI.  You will need to have experience working closely in assisting attorneys with planning discovery requests, deposition questions, expert declarations and computer forensic strategies.  The candidate must have extensive experience in the collection, processing and hosting of data and provide client support and project management for multiple civil and corporate matters. You should possess a strong knowledge of computer forensic methodology and evidence handling procedures with formal classroom training and certification in Computer Forensics and eDiscovery. You should possess expert level knowledge in PC hardware and software across Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems, and a proven track record for managing concurrent projects on schedule and within budget.

The ideal candidate will be expected to be able to train others on the use of forensics tools to fulfill collection requests in the field by applying the proper Best Practices techniques.  Likewise, the candidate will be able to effectively identify talent for addition to the forensics team and to effectively manage both the people and processes with the computer forensics and data management units. Your duties will require you to follow the progress of each matter over time, participate in periodic client conferences and work with our internal teams to facilitate their access to the data.

Required General Skills and Attributes:

  • Client facing consultation skills on a range of computer forensic subjects to determine scope, data mapping, identification of source data systems and a thorough understanding of the application of Best Practices surrounding the varying situations one will encounter across a diverse client base.
  • Documented experience testifying about the process, procedures, execution, analysis and associated issues surrounding computer data.  Testimonial experience should include affidavits or declarations, depositions and live courtroom or hearing testimony.
  • The ability to perform deep dive analysis of preserved and collected data to restore deleted files, determine user usage patterns, website activity, USB analyses, data carving, and other advanced analytical processes applied to discover evidence to use in legal matters.
  • The ideal candidate should possess a working level knowledge and ability to utilize at least the following:  EnCase, FTK, Mandiant Redline, X1 Discovery, Internet Evidence Finder, Tableau, Logicube, Voom 3 and Cellebrite.  Experience on the Black Bag tool suite will be a plus. 
  • The candidate should have the ability to collect data from virtually any data source, and in particular: servers, desktop and laptop computers, removable media, cloud data sources (including O365, Google Docs, OneDrive, etc.), webmail data (with the ability to collect it preserving the source data folder structures), social media, website, wearable technology such as fitbit, and email from many formats including Outlook 365, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes Domino and Groupwise.
  • Ability to hire, train and manage a team of computer forensics professionals.
  • Ability to identify and qualify a worldwide network of third party sources for performing forensic data collections on behalf of our clients to enable onsite data collections without the need for company personnel to travel to the site.
  • Ability to create a remote collection technology to facilitate data collections without travelling to the site.

Preferred skills and attributes:

  • Public speaking and thought leadership experience
  • Strong PowerPoint or similar presentation tool experience
  • Product demonstration experience
  • Strong writing skills
  • Basic understand of cross border issues with regard to data transfers

Education & Certifications

  • BS or equivalent technical enterprise experience
  • Formal computer skills education, intimate knowledge of forensic tools and certification of at least one of the following is required: EnCE, CCFE, CISSP, HTCIA or CCE. 
  • Additional certifications are a plus. 


  • 25% to 50% travel required




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