How To Work With a Search Consultant

Working with a search consultant, or a recruiter, to help you find your next job is a smart move, as recruiters have the knowledge and connections necessary to get your resume in front of companies looking to hire people like you. 

To make the most of the help that a search consultant can provide to you during your job search, there are a few key things that you need to do:

Work actively with your recruiter: Simply contacting a recruiter once and then hoping the search consultant will find you the perfect job is not a realistic or effective approach. Instead, you should build a relationship and be a partner with your recruiter during the entirety of the job search process. Communicate regularly with your recruiter, update your recruiter on any progress in your job search or any changes in your career goals, and answer your recruiter's messages promptly.

Be open and honest: Your recruiter needs to know what your career goals are, what your skill level is, how your career history has unfolded, and what kind of job you are looking for. Lying to your recruiter isn't going to get you anywhere and could backfire in a big way when your dishonesty is discovered or when you end up in the wrong job for your situation. Telling your recruiter what you think the search consultant wants to hear is also unlikely to lead to a satisfying outcome to your job search. Recruiters have a great knack for helping clients to find the perfect job – but only if job-seekers are honest about what they want.

Trust the recruiter: Your recruiter has experience and is in the profession for a reason. Your recruiter wants to help you land your dream job and has the knowledge to advise you on how to do it.  If your recruiter gives you advice on any aspect of the job-search process, you should strongly consider benefiting from the recruiter's expertise and taking that advice to heart.

These are just a few of the key steps to working effectively with a recruiter. Search consultants at Celeritas Associates are ready to help you to find the right position for your situation, so give our staffing professionals a call today to learn more.